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Open Art Nights &

Cathartic PaintingWorkshops



Please join Jessica  for an evening of making art!

All ages welcome...



Open Art Nights

Potluck Style! 

Bring a dish and a couple art supplies to share and we can snack on and experiment with what we've got at hand! (Though it is highly recommended that you don't mix up your beverage and paint cup.) Don't worry, we're all shy and can't start learning until we start experimenting, messing up, and having fun!


On Coexistence.JPG

...and if you really can't stand it, you can always just paint over it. 



The Cathartic Expression Workshops

Definition of Catharsis

  1. 1:  purgation

  2. 2a :  purification or purgation of the emotions (such as pity and fear) primarily through artb :  a purification or purgation that brings about spiritual renewal or release from tension

  3. 3:  elimination of a complex by bringing it to consciousness and affording it expression.

Definition of Expression

  1. 1a :  an act, process, or instance of representing in a medium (such as words) :  utterance freedom of expressionb (1) :  something that manifests, embodies, or symbolizes something else this gift is an expression of my admiration for you (2) :  a significant word or phrase (3) :  a mathematical or logical symbol or a meaningful combination of symbols (4) :  the detectable effect of a gene; also :  expressivity 1

  2. 2a :  a mode, means, or use of significant representation or symbolism; especially :  felicitous or vivid indication or depiction of mood or sentiment read the poem with expressionb (1) :  the quality or fact of being expressive (2) :  facial aspect or vocal intonation as indicative of feeling

  3. 3:  an act or product of pressing out.






     We see things, hear things, feel things and inflict things upon one another which we should not. Some of us carry heavier burdens than others and become trapped within that space, operating from a center based within pain and suffering. Have you heard the saying "Hurt people hurt people"? As people, we need to begin to work together to create cohesive healing and break the cycles of the pain we all inflict upon ourselves and our loved ones. 

     One night a week I host a night of creative exploration. Workshops are intended to guide participants through utilizing art as a means of cathartic expression and purge. Word work will be encouraged alongside painting instruction. 


    I am intimately aware of and have walked through traumas requiring excess cathartic release, and am willing to discuss this 1:1 with you, as a friend, to assist you in working through your traumas.  

     Art has the power to exercise your abilities to recover, and aid view your experience with varied lenses. This history does not need to be your frame. 


     I can provide creative direction, assistance with ideation, if desired, and technical support, within the world of painting. 

    There are no rules within your creativity and there is no judgement, for we are all creators. This is our nature as people. The Cathartic Exploration evening offers a safe space for survivors to communicate openly with other survivors, explore creative exercise, process, purge, and synthesis.


   I am not a physician, nor do I hold any medical certifications. I do have extensive experience and witness within the realm of trauma, ptsd, depression, anxiety, addiction management, mental illnesses, coping skills, meditation, nature therapies, and the powerful work creative expression can do for the wounded soul. I teach art to adults and youth alike for purposes of sensory exploration.


  I highly encourage art as a process to understanding the labryinthian self and plucking of any quills one may have picked up along the way.


To join me for a workshop, please send an email with the subject line reading: Cathartic Expression Workshop.

Drop me a line:





Ephemeral is our existence

within this stride

on our Earth. 



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