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Mission Statement


SAOR’s Mission is to aid catharsis via alternative therapeutic arts and traditional therapeutic platforms, providing a safe space for self-actualization explorations, and ascent of the whole-self for historically marginalized communities with a range of trauma-related diagnoses in and around the Greater Syracuse area. SAOR’s Retreat-Minded and Trauma-Sensitive services will invest in historically disinvested and neglected communities, help to build and expand community within the diaspora, aid in community healing, and engage survivors with fellow survivors for ascent to a more fulfilling, purposeful, humanistic, community-driven, and healthy quality of life. Through community investment, community building, creative exploration, somatic awareness, nature exposure, and mindfulness practices, catharsis can be engaged, and we can help one another find and reach our own highest good. Together.


Community ∞ Creation ∞ Catharsis



Executive Summary

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Business Model

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Executive Summary

Business Model

Business Plan

Nurturing Healing and Growth

We are in search of a CFO with experience in social justice nonprofit organizations, a Doctor of Public Health to operate as our COO, a Grant Writer, and a nonprofit compliance officer. We are also in need of additional board members with social justice experience and a passion for serving historically disinvested and underserved populations and communities. Please contact Jessica at to discuss these opportunities further.

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