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SAOR’s Mission is to aid healing from chronic and complex trauma exposure via nonverbal and verbal therapeutic platforms, to provide a safe space for explorations in existential self-discovery and self-actualization, and aid in individual, family, and community healing. SAOR’s retreat-styled and trauma-sensitive services will invest in historically disinvested and neglected communities and engage survivors with fellow survivors in the journey of healing as

we are stronger together.

Through community investment, community building, creative exploration, somatic awareness, clean foods, nature exposure, and mindfulness practices, catharsis can be engaged, and we can help one another find and reach our own highest good. Together.

Community ∞ Creation ∞ Catharsis

Executive Summary

SAOR Executive Summary- Jessica McGhee.jpg

Nurturing Healing and Growth

If you are interested in learning more about SAOR or joining our mission, visit:

or email:


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